Visual Communication Design

Visual communication is one of the earliest design specialty in Jiangnan University, it professional connotation has been constantly enriched with the previous adjustments of design disciplines, and it is now the brand specialty of Jiangsu Province, and the national featured specialty. It stresses on teaching with a comprehensive artistic accomplishment, traditional cultural accumulation, professional skills and professional theory, and related interdisciplinary knowledge and cutting-edge academic philosophy, in order to develop professional personnel with comprehensive knowledge of aesthetics, technology, culture and marketing strategy to address the design issues of branding, packaging, advertising, books, display, and convey information at a strategic level and technique level, who can work on integrated media visual design in support with digital virtual technology, information technology, and interactive technology. It attaches great importance on the development of creative thinking and ability, focusing on the combination of teaching, research and social services. Students with outstanding achievements can continue their studies in this major for their masters and doctors .

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