Environmental Design

The major was founded in 1985, evolved by interior design, environmental design, and art design (environment art direction), and is one of the earliest founded domestic majors in this area. At present, it is the National Feature Specialty and Jiangsu Province Key Construction Specialty. Throughout the 20 years of development, it took education reform and teaching achievement for the lead, formed the “3 +1” personnel training mode characterized by systematic teaching methods, architecture – landscape – interior trinity teaching features, and equal stress on theory and practice.? In the context of the integration of cross cultural background, it focuses on professional theories, relevant knowledge, as well as a combination of teaching and application of the forward-looking theory and academic achievements in the field of environmental design at home and abroad. It aims to grow talents with both local and international visions, the concept of sustainable development, innovative design thinking, solid theoretical and practical ability, and strong coordination and management capabilities, who can be engaged in landscape design, interior design, architectural art design teaching and research, and design practice and management in enterprises, universities and R & D units. Students with outstanding achievements can continue their studies in this major for their masters and doctors .

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