Research Teams


? Research Team: ?Design Philosophy

Team leader: Prof. Xin Xiangyang (xxydesign@jiangnan.edu.cn)

Research Fields:

  1. Design thinking
  2. Methods in Design
  3. New Aesthetics
  4. Design Education
  5. Healthcare design (International Joint laboratorywith University of Cincinnati)

? Research Team: Conservation and Renewal of Architecture Heritage & Art

Team leader: Prof. Guo Weimin (gwm6316@126.com)

?Research Fields:

  1. Comparative study and classification of architecture heritage& art
  2. Architecture heritage& art protection methods
  3. Tradition-basedinnovative design methods and theories

? Research Team: System Innovation and Design Strategy

Team leader: Prof. Zhang Linghao (wowozlh@163.com)

Research Fields:

  1. Theories and methods of system innovation
  2. Sustainable systems innovation strategy(commercial, cultural, social)
  3. Design intervention strategies for regional innovation and traditional handicraft transformation

? Research Team: Interaction Design

Team leader: Prof. Xin Xiangyang (xxydesign@jiangnan.edu.cn)

Research Fields:

  1. Product interaction design theory and methods;
  2. Public transport space interaction design;
  3. User experience design of the smart home environment

? Research Team: Research of Visual Cultural Heritage in Taihu Lake Area

Team leader: Prof. Wang Qiang (wangqiangujs@foxmail.com>)

Research Fields:

  1. The visual and style characteristics of the external form of the visual cultural heritage
  2. Thetraditional crafts?and production methods?of living?visual cultural heritage

? Research Team: Regional Culture and Visual Design Research?

Team leader: Prof. Wang Anxia (waxdesigner@126.com)

Research Fields:

  1. Traditional folk art and culture;
  2. Sustainable design study of the geographical visual culture and forms

? Research Team: Design Methodology?

Team Leader: Prof. Gu Ping?

Research Fields:

  1. Comparative study on Chinese and Western design;
  2. Study on Design Evaluation System;
  3. Study on traditional Chinese designthinking

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