Dreaming-Spacing? Lifestyle Design in the 3D Printing Age——2018Jiangnan University International Design Summer School (IDSS2018)

IDSS2018 was successfully held by School of design from June 20 to July 4 for two weeks. This summer school is designed to create an interdisciplinary practice for design students from various backgrounds, to explore the different emerging issues along with the new technologies, and to create a unique cultural experience of the traditional and the new cultures in China.

On the opening ceremony, Cao Ming, vice dean of school of design, warmly welcomed the participants from Plymouth University and Jiangnan University. During the summer school, students visited Nanjing Jiayi 3D Printing Architecture company, Southeast University standard industrial architecture institution, and 阿里巴巴 Group. Professor Richard Goossens from Delft University made a speech on “3D scanning and printing for healthcare” , and professors from Jiangnan University gave lectures about their vision on 3D printing.

On July 4, all the groups made their final presentation and project exhibition, involving modern travel service design, simple living space for vagrants, etc.

In recent years, School of design has made great efforts to promote international academic exchanges. As a carrier to promote the visit with international partners, summer school establishes a long-term and multilateral academic mechanism for exchange. Since 2015, we have held four summer classes, with 56 overseas students and more than 70 students participating in the international exchanges.

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