Jiangnan University Launched Experience Design Frontier Methodology and Technology Research Center Funded by Ministry of Education

The launching ceremony of Experience Design Frontier Methodology and Technology Research Center (111Project) was grandly held at the lecture hall at School of Design, Jiangnan University on May 16, 2018. The Research project is led by Prof. Zhang Linghao, the dean of School of Dean, aiming at the research on experience design frontier methodology and technology from the perspective of product system innovation and experience design, future urban settlement and experiences, as well as artificial intelligence and experience design. Vice President Tian Bei from Jiangnan University, Dean of School of Design and Director of the 111 Project Prof. Zhang Linghao, Dean of Junyuan Honored School Prof. Zhang Qiuju, Academic leader Professor Guo Weimin from School of Design, Academic leader Professor Liu Yu from School of Mechanical Engineering, overseas academic masters Prof. Craig Vogel from Cincinnati University, Vice President Professor Massimaliano Campi from Naples Federico II, Dean of School of Design Professor Ming Cheung from Griffith University, Professor Yingjie Chen and Professor Zhenyu Qian from Purdue University, Professor Vittoria Daiello and Professor Heekyoung Jung from Cincinnati University and other faculty and student representatives attended the launching ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Jiang Bo, Director of International Office, Jiangnan University.

Tian Bei, Vice president of JnU, extended the congratulations to this first 111 center in the art field, and warm welcome to the friends who have come from afar. He said, with the support of ‘111 project’, more well-known professors could come and join us; a multidisciplinary research team can be built to gain a batch of innovative achievements.

Prof. Zhang Linghao, dean of school of design, briefly introduced the foundation, characteristic, team members and future planning of this center. The research theme of this center is ‘Experience Design Frontier Methodology and Technology’, based on the interdisciplinary foundation between School of Design and School of Mechanical Engineering. Professors from America, Canada, Italy, Netherland, Australia and Japan have been invited to make research on the following three areas, namely, product service system and experience design strategy; experience design of urban human settlement; intelligent interactive experience technology. The aim is to establish a leading design discipline system to support nice experience on Chinese products, services, city and technology in the new era.

Prof. Craig Vogel, on behalf of the overseas academic masters, expressed warm congratulations and support to this 111 center. In retrospect to how design brings convenience to people’s life, he took smart phone as an example and pointed out that research on experience design has developed rapidly over the past five to ten year. Accordingly, he harbors high expectation to the development of ‘111 center’ in the following fine years.

Prof,Guo Weimin and Prof.Liu Yu represented the domestic scholars, hoping to improve the academic influence and make positive contribution to the field of experience design methodology and technology with the support of 111 project.

Tian Bei, Massimiliano Campi, Craig Vogel and Zhang Linghao unveiled the nameplate to officially announced the launching of the research center. Vice President Tian Bei issued the appointment letters to the participating overseas experts.

After the launching ceremony, Craig Vogel, Massimilano Campi, Ming Cheung, Yingjie Victor Chen and Zhenyu Cheryl Qian made speech respectively, on the topic of The Emergence of the New Healthcare Meta Discipline, Designing the Memory of Cultural Heritage, The XEra: Experience Design Research in Its Past, Present, and Future, User experience oriented information visualization design, User experience design to communicate and bridge the physical and digital worlds. Discussions among the topics of experience design were brought up after the talks with great reflections.

"111 Project" ("Higher Education Discipline Innovation Plan") based on national key disciplines organized by MOE and SAFEA, is aiming to gather around 1000 excellent talents from world top 100 universities and institutes for a high-level research team, and to establish 100 world-class discipline innovation centers toward international science frontier. Experience Design Frontier Methodology and Technology Research Center, is the first ‘111 center’ in design discipline in China. In response to the national strategy “Made in China 2025” and research hotspots, we propose to carry out collaborative innovation on experience design by interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary integration. Thus, to create an experience design research and practice center with great influence.

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1. Welcoming remarks by Vice President Tian Bei

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2. Research project introduction from Professor and Director Zhang Linghao

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3. Unveiling ceremony of the Project


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4. Group Photo of the representative professors


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