工作坊:Uncovering the Product Development Process in Industry

日期 周二 10月30日 时间

工作坊主题: Uncovering the Product Development Process in Industry揭示工业产品开发流程专题工作坊

时间: 2018年10月30日9:00-17:00


主持人:Raija Siikamaki   Finland Owner 



Well-planned product development process contributes significantly to business success. In traditional design education, however, the theories about product development seems abstract and far away from business practices in real life. Generally, design pedagogy still lacks the first-hand knowledge on practicality of product development.

In this workshop, Dr. Raija Siikamaki will share her industrial experiences in Finland and UK regarding the journey from product concept creation to marketing. She locates product design into the landscape of global business, and expands the designers’ consideration from concept generation towards an overview of sustainable business circle. Raija will introduce the real-life cases and provide students with the first taste of product development process. Additionally, Dr. Yichen Lu would like to share how design research in academia can impact on the change of product development in Finnish heavy engineering industry.

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